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Rhinos on Tinder, noise phobias, milking platypus, pineapple & coprophagia – Episode 4

Thankfully, some professionalism is added to the podcast with an introduction from award-winning Australian actor, voice artist, and writer, Adam Zwar – well known for TV shows such as Wilfred, Agony Aunts and Agony Uncles and recently Squinters (which is still available on ABC iView and is hilarious).

The guys then discuss the recent passing of the last male Northern White Rhinoceros, Sudan, with every indication that the species will soon be extinct. Lewis has some theories as to how Sudan’s Tinder profile could have been improved and discussion then turns, somehow, to the creation of an African Elephant sperm bank in Europe.

Lewis discusses a recent study on the relation between pain and noise phobias in middle to older aged dogs. The lowdown is to make sure you have your dog examined by a veterinarian if they develop phobias to noises.

Robbie then switches discussion onto the platypus and recounts his wild encounter with this notoriously shy monotreme. The CSIRO have recently discovered a protein in the platypus milk that may hold a key to antibiotic resistance. Lewis and Robbie brainstorm ideas on how to mass market the platypus milk (patent pending).

Finally, mail bag is opened and the topic of poo eating (coprophagia) is heartily devoured. Wives tales are discussed and treatments are proffered  – none more so than the catch cry to ‘feed it pineapple’!

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