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The Best of Episode – Charlie Pickering, Cane Toad Sausages, Drunk Kangaroos, Dating with Dogs, Lost Pigeon, Robbie & Lewis Apply for a New Job – Ep 29

Welcome back listeners, subscribers, supporters, first time joiners, meta data analysts, cats, kittens, white rhino enthusiasts, wearers of shorts, and of course you!

Thanks for joining us for Episode 29 of the Two Vets Talks Pets Podcast – where to much talking of pets is barely enough.

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For this episode, Lewis and Robbie take a leaf out of the play book of any self respecting pop icon (we are looking at you Justin B), and are taking the opportunity to release a Best Of – just when no one was asking or looking for it, and early into the “bands” recording career!

With a distance of most of this fine southern continent between them, Lewis has lovingly complied some of the highlights of the previous 6 months worth of episodes.

So sit back, and let the nostalgia wash over you, as we look back at how far the boys have come…

Drunk kangaroos,

Charlie Pickering,

Cane Toad Sausage,

Dating with dogs,

Lost pigeon,

Dr Simon crashing bike on roof racks,

Edutainment and the Rosetta Stone,

Cheeky Go-Karting,

Flowers for Christina,

Galapogas Penguins,

Cloning the Northern White Rhino,

Lewis and Robbie apply for a job needing a steady hand

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We’ll see you next week for Number 30 – and hopefully with the mighty Collingwood Magpies winning the 2018 AFL grand final!

Go Pies!

Food Allergies, Itching/Scratching, Pet Insurance, Rat Bat Poisoning, Vets Always On, Dognapper & Robbie’s Patented BBQ skewers – Ep 28

Welcome back TVTP fans, and strap in for episode 28 of your number 1 vets on pets podcast – Two Vets Talk Pets! Where you know that too much talking of pets if barely enough!

This episode of Two Vets Talk Pets is brought to you by Zylkenefrom Vetquinol  – a natural product that can help reduce stress and anxiety in dogs and cats. Talk to your vet to see if Zylkene could help your pet.

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Episode 28 of the TVTP podcast, finds Lewis and Robbie in the Podcave having a typical natter. Lewis has had some curly nail situations, an oddly named dog, and a lady who woke next to a dog – that wasn’t her’s

Robbie has been trawling the news feeds, and finds a skewered dog ,and shares a great way of stopping the same thing happening to your dog,  and a dog that was stuck in a shaft.

We play our interview with Dr Oliver Conradi and Dr Magdaline Awad from Petsure, talking about the benefits of Pet Insurance.

Into the pod proper, and Lewis dives deep into Food Allergies in pets. The signs, the causes, and the treatments.

And Robbie dishes out all the info on Rat Bait poisoning – how the poison works, and how your pet would be treated if it was exposed.

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And if this is your first time listening to TVTP, welcome. We are glad to have you. You are awesome. And pets are awesome. If you pat your pets, you’re doubly awesome. And that’s the kind of awesome that doesn’t grow on trees…


Prime100 Dog Food, Mouthing Puppies, Snoring/Brachycephalic Dogs (BOAS), Cat Tick, Baby Birds & A Leopard Seal – Ep 27

Hey podcast fans, welcome to Episode 27 of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast, jump on your bean bag, plug in your head phones, lean back, and join us – because have we got a great pod for you this week! You know the drill – too much talking of pets is barely enough!

This Episode is brought to you by Zylkene – a great way to help your anxious dog or cat. Zylkene can help your pets with many different stressful situations. Talk to your vet about whether your pet could be helped with Zylkene.

We are also sponsored this week by Prime 100, producing a great range of Single Protein Diets for your dog. Australian Made, and Australian Owned, they produce a whole variety of diets and are available now!

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Lewis has been on the hunt for a Leopard seal that has been loitering around Port Philip Bay. He’s also got some tips ready for the Spring time baby birds out of nests that we often have people ask us about. .

Robbie shows Lewis a photo of an unexpected creature he found on a Cat (see below!), and about a huge lump removed from a dogs abdomen.

We then head back to the ASAV Conference in Melbourne for a great talk we had with Georgina Smith from Prime 100 about their foods and treats, and how they can help dogs with many different health problems.

Into the meaty part of the podcast, and Lewis has some great advice for mouthing in Puppies – this a must listen for anyone with a young dog that is getting a bit mouthy.

Robbie then gets busy talking about BOAS – or Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome. A very common condition seen in dogs with short noses, leading to breathing difficulties, that can lead to permanent and serious problems if not diagnosed and treated early. Does your dog snore? Have a good listen to this!

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Until next time, be excellent to each other, and party on dudes…

Thunderstorm Phobias, Quality Of Life, Bordello Vaccine? Biting Wombats, Paws for a Purpose & Pets in the Park, Euthanasia – Ep 26

What’s that sound? It’s Episode 26 of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast, where too much talking of pets is barely enough!

This weeks episode of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast is brought to you by Zylkene by Vetquinol – ask your vet whether it might help your stressed out pet!

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In this weeks podcast, Lewis talks about someone requesting a Bordello Vaccine and a biting wombat, Robbie talks about a case of a bursting spleen, and an article about why dogs like to have their heads out the windows of cars.

We head back to the recent Australian Small Animal Veterinarian Conference recordings, where we talk to Dr Mark Kelman, about 2 awesome charities – Paws for a Purpose, and Pets in the Park 

Robbie then talks about “Quality of Life” – a difficult question that owners often ask vets about when their pets are approaching the ends of their lives, and decisions about euthanasia are being made. It’s a complex topic, and the guys try to shed some light on what things they look for when trying to make recommendations.

Lewis then brings the Thunder! Thunderstorm Phobias are another really common issue we come across. Lewis lines up what happens, common signs, and some tips and treatments to help.

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Thanks for reading down to here. It’s late, and I should be getting to bed.

But I will write this in – when I feel sad, I pat a nice animal, and it makes me feel better. Other people, especially people who get angry, should do it too. Unless you are allergic. Don’t pat an animal if you have an allergy. Especially if you are already angry. Angry people with allergies can be a real pain in the bum…