Food Allergies, Itching/Scratching, Pet Insurance, Rat Bat Poisoning, Vets Always On, Dognapper & Robbie’s Patented BBQ skewers – Ep 28

Welcome back TVTP fans, and strap in for episode 28 of your number 1 vets on pets podcast – Two Vets Talk Pets! Where you know that too much talking of pets if barely enough!

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Episode 28 of the TVTP podcast, finds Lewis and Robbie in the Podcave having a typical natter. Lewis has had some curly nail situations, an oddly named dog, and a lady who woke next to a dog – that wasn’t her’s

Robbie has been trawling the news feeds, and finds a skewered dog ,and shares a great way of stopping the same thing happening to your dog,  and a dog that was stuck in a shaft.

We play our interview with Dr Oliver Conradi and Dr Magdaline Awad from Petsure, talking about the benefits of Pet Insurance.

Into the pod proper, and Lewis dives deep into Food Allergies in pets. The signs, the causes, and the treatments.

And Robbie dishes out all the info on Rat Bait poisoning – how the poison works, and how your pet would be treated if it was exposed.

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