The Best of Episode – Charlie Pickering, Cane Toad Sausages, Drunk Kangaroos, Dating with Dogs, Lost Pigeon, Robbie & Lewis Apply for a New Job – Ep 29

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Thanks for joining us for Episode 29 of the Two Vets Talks Pets Podcast – where to much talking of pets is barely enough.

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For this episode, Lewis and Robbie take a leaf out of the play book of any self respecting pop icon (we are looking at you Justin B), and are taking the opportunity to release a Best Of – just when no one was asking or looking for it, and early into the “bands” recording career!

With a distance of most of this fine southern continent between them, Lewis has lovingly complied some of the highlights of the previous 6 months worth of episodes.

So sit back, and let the nostalgia wash over you, as we look back at how far the boys have come…

Drunk kangaroos,

Charlie Pickering,

Cane Toad Sausage,

Dating with dogs,

Lost pigeon,

Dr Simon crashing bike on roof racks,

Edutainment and the Rosetta Stone,

Cheeky Go-Karting,

Flowers for Christina,

Galapogas Penguins,

Cloning the Northern White Rhino,

Lewis and Robbie apply for a job needing a steady hand

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We’ll see you next week for Number 30 – and hopefully with the mighty Collingwood Magpies winning the 2018 AFL grand final!

Go Pies!

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