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Skin Diseases, Allergies, Ear Infections – with Skin Specialist Dr Dani Hoolahan – Ep 33

Got a podcast itch that needs to be scratched?

Get those digits twitching and your ears ready for Episode 33 of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast – where too much talking of pets is barely enough.

This episode is proudly supported by Zylkene from Vetquinol – a safe way to help your dog or cat that may be stressed or have a mild anxiety.

Also we are proudly supported by Veterinary Dermatology Clinics  – providing great Specialist Dermatology Referrals for pets and their owners around Sydney, Canberra, and Tasmania. Check out their Facebook Page for more details.

This week Lewis chases the Duke and Duchess of somewhere or other in England on their tour of South Melbourne, and Robbie laments about the yearly Roaming Cat Festival.

We are then really excited to have Dr Dani Hoolahan Specialist Veterinary Dermatologist (from Veterinary Dermatology Clinic) on the show talking all things skin – it’s itchy season for Allergic Pets, so we have a great in-depth interview with one of the nicest Dermo’s in Australia!

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Hope you are not itchy. If you are, maybe you need a dermatologist. If your a dog or cat – you’re in luck – have we got an awesome one for you. But if you are an animal, why are you reading this?


Shark attacks, dogs & pancakes, Part 1 of cat urine problems (or FUS Puss) and ear infections – Episode 7

Lewis kicks off discussing the recent spate of shark attacks and the latest research on how to prevent surfers being attacked. Many options have been tried (and failed) in the past and Lewis and Robbie give you the current options, including Adam West Batman Shark Repellent Spray (patent pending). We are introduced to the term ‘Wettie Warmers’ in a feeble attempt by the guys not to revert to further toilet humour.

Robbie opens up his new segment entitled ‘Community Service Announcement’ where he highlights the risk of leaving freshly made pancakes on the stove, when you have dogs. In short – don’t do this (but listen to learn why…).

Part 1 of a three part series on cat urination problems is cracked. Part 1 discusses the medical causes of feline urination problems, how to know when your cat has problem, when is it an emergency and what you should do to prevent and treat it. The guys discuss ‘bedside sampling’ as a means of collecting a urine sample. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week.

Ear infections in dogs are common and this is their final topic for the podcast. Diagnosis, treatment and prevention are the main focus but somehow the boys manage to include a shameless beg for a major multinational sponsor to keep the podcast afloat. The boys are now checking their email every 10 minutes in a vain hope……

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