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Warts! Imaging! Vomiting! – When to Panic! All the news that’s fit to print! – Episode 13

This week our heroes talk about Lewis’ bird week, and he has some great stories about Swans in UK and Mourning Magpies, while Robbie has trawled through the news for some tid bits of animal oddities.

Into Pod proper, and we talk about warts – common skin lumps in dogs, young ones, old ones, big ones and small ones. Are they bad? Will they go away? Will they take over the world?

We talk about some of the testing we can do as vets, using X-Rays, Ultrasound, CT scans, and MRI scans – how they work, what they are used for, what they help us see, and why do they cost so much?

Finally, we talk about vomiting, and when to panic! Vomiting is a really common sign we see in dogs and cats, but when do you need to get your pet seen, and when can you play it cool – listen in to find out more!

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Cat Tattoist Story

Deputy Cat Story



Robbie’s date with Charlie Pickering, lumps & bumps, Part 3 of weeing cats and a pregnant woman rescues a dog from the sea – Episode 9

It’s late at night in the podcave and the two Supervets are still struggling to get their heads around the new microphones and have been giggling like school boys try not to make each other echo when they talk.

Lewis talks about his regularly ‘boys steak night’ with some heavy-hitters of the veterinary industry and Robbie ponders how Lewis managed to get an invite…

Lewis’ highlight of the week is a dog that was rescued by a pregnant lady who swam 200 metres off shore to stop him from drowning – not all heroes wear capes.

In the same vein, a cape-less Robbie chases Puffing Billy and then narrates a modern tragedy called ‘when a podcast vet locks eyes with an uber celebrity’. Robbie shares his encounter with TV celebrity Charlie Pickering and his promise to the podcast listeners.

Robbie then dives into the more vet related topic of lumps and bumps on your pet and pulls no punches with questions such as; Does size really matter?; How do you know if that lump is nasty?; What should I do if I find a lump on my pet?; Is every lump cancerous? What will the vet do when they examine the lump? Is it better to have the lump examined or just ignore it?

Lewis then launches in to Part 3 of cats urinating outside the litter tray – problems a cat may have with the litter tray or litter substance or the location. Robbie coins the phrase ‘litter buffet’ and gives us some further insights into poor Melvin, his over-grooming, urine spraying and toilet missing house cat.

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