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Separation Anxiety Update, New Roving Reporter, Aussie Bird Count, Free Bread, New Royal Dog – Ep 32

Welcome pet podcasters, pet patters, pet carers, pet poo scoopers, and pets. Lets not forget the pets. That’s why we are here.

Where is here?

Here is Episode 32 of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast! Where too much talking of pets is barely enough!

This episode is brought to you by Zylkene from Vetquinol  – if your dog or cat is suffering from stress or anxiety, talk to your vet about whether Zylkene might be an option.

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Robbie’s Marathon was last week, so Lewis sent his wife Deb out as a roving reporter to the 18km mark (also a point where Robbie was actually still doing pretty well) – a more in-depth report will be in ep 33. When Robbie’s cramping body allows him to speak again…

Lewis talks about the Aussie Backyard Bird Count – follow the link to see how you can get involved. Robbie has used his Veterinary Prowess (and his ability to talk under water) to score a freebie at the bakery, Lewis finds another Royal Couple to plug his book to. Lewis talks about a kitten that got caught in a spin, and Robbie pleads with owners, for nurses sakes, to give your pets a chance to go to the toilet before they come in for surgeries, and a guy he saw while camping, who took his dog somewhere he probably shouldn’t have…

Into the pod proper, and Lewis talks about how petting your anxious dogs before leaving them, may actually help with separation anxiety.

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And just in case you happen to be a member of the royal family, look out for Lewis when you are in Melbourne. There is a very god chance he may have a signed copy of one of his books for you…

Pet Behaviour Mythbusting, Why Don’t Injections Hurt?, Night Lights, Kangaroos, Attacking Magpies, Update on Megaoesophagus, Mindfulness Jars – Ep 31

We are back! After 2 best of episodes, Dr Lewis and Dr Robbie are back in the Podcave, smashing out Episode 31 of the TWO VETS TALK PETS Podcast, where too much talking of pets is barely enough!

We are recharged, fully loaded, and ready to bring the goods on this fantastic episode!

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This episode is brought to you by Zylkene from Vetquinol  – Stressed? Anxious? Are you a Dog or a Cat? Zylkene could help you! Get your owner to talk to your vet to see if this could help you!

Dr Lewis and Dr Robbie have been spreading their podcasting wings too. They have appeared/taken over the latest episode of the podcast called “That Vet Life” with Moriah McCauley – a vet student from Scotland (although she is from Texas!) – Here is the link to the show on iTunes, or search for it wherever you have downloaded this podcast – it’s everywhere!

In this weeks episode, Robbie talks about his impending Melbourne Marathon – where he was recently training in the Grampians region of Victoria with some Kangaroos and Emus (Here’s the link to the youtube video from the 80’s Kids show called the “early bird show” where Marty Monster was getting beaten up by a Kangaroo), and Lewis talks about his adventures scuba diving up at the Great Barrier Reef – how Australian can this show get?

Robbie also shows Lewis his daughters Mindfulness Jar she made at school (see the video HERE) – it looks a lot like something the guys are often presented with at work… Lewis brings us an update on Megaoesophagus, and Robbie and Lewis talk about using night lights and other things to help older dogs and cats who might be struggling at night.

Into the podcast proper, and Lewis does some serious Mythbusting on things people think about their pets.

And Robbie gets to the pointy point of why injections don’t seem to hurt animals compared to when humans get injections. Make sure you listen in for when he talks about his encounter with and antibiotic injection!

Next week are talking to Dr Dani Houlihan, a Veterinary Dermatology Specialist – so if you have any questions you would like to ask, or any other questions, or myths you’d like to have busted send us an email to twovetstalkpets@gmail.com.

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Thanks for listening, thanks for contributing, thanks for being an awesome human. Or whatever you happen to be, thanks for being awesome.